CMPC Biopackaging strong leadership as a continental supplier of packing solutions has been achieved through a combination of key elements that promote each other as a broad and growing presence in North America, a strong personal relationship with all of our clients, that allows us a correct comprehension of their needs, hence the development of products that effectively contribute to their value chain, and also the powerful integration of our productive processes, including paper production which allows us to provide highly competitive solutions.

CMPC Biopackaging is one of the top continental suppliers in both North and South America, oriented to give the best packaging solutions in accordance with its different clients through industrial plants strategically located in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru. These are complemented with a commercial network including a sales office in USA and a logistics platform that currently allows us to provide more than 25 countries in the region.





CMPC Biopackaging Argentina (former Fabi) belongs to the Empresas CMPC group since 1994.

Besides suppling the traditional cement markets, building materials, lime, and other markets. Forsac Argentina has a specialized  manufacturing line for complex and highly demanding packaging, such as powdered milk, tea, aromatic products and petrochemicals.

As a member of Mercosur and with logistics advantages of ground trasportation to all the countries that belong to that trade association. Forsac Argentina is an ideal supply choice for clients located in all the region.







CMPC Biopackaging BRAZIL

CMPC Biopackaging Brazil was incorporated to CMPC in April 2022, and has currently three operations. Sao Jose dos Pinhais and Piraí do Sul, located in Paraná state, and Campos Novos, in Santa Catarina state, all in southern Brazil.

These operations produce 500 million sack units, 120.000 tons of Sack Kraft paper, 105.000 tons of pulp, and 21.000 tons of specialty papers per year. Also, has forest assets equivalent of 1,9 millions cubic meters of pine wood. 

With this new plants, CMPC Biopackaging reach a production level of 1,5 billion sack units, consolidating the company as the second largest global participant in sack market. 

Currently, CMPC Biopackaging Brazil focuses on Cement & Building Material local markets. Also, their location near southern Brazil ports, gives an excellent platform for export markets.




CMPC Biopackaging CHILE

CMPC Biopackaging Chile (former Propa) is a leader in the local industry of multiwall paper bags.

CMPC Biopackaging Chile’s conversion equipments, besides producing packages for the cement industry and building materials, are also specialized in the elaboration of a highly complex miscellaneous bags covering a  wide range of sizes, valves, and printing types.

CMPC Biopackaging Chile’s easy access to main container sea ports in the south of Chile have allowed Forsac Chile to position itself as an excellent supplier to the main American markets (North, Central, South and the Caribbean)

CMPC Biopackaging Chile can also produce flat bottom bags for industrial contents such as sugar, flour, and coal.

CMPC Biopackaging Chile’s industrial plant is located in the city of Chillan, 110 km away from its main paper supplier of Sack Kraft Paper in CMPC's Laja Plant and around 100 km away of Lirquen, San Vicente and Coronel sea ports. 





CMPC Biopackaging MÉXICO

CMPC Biopackaging México has currently two plants in the country. Head office in Guadalajara, Jalisco, which started its operations at the end of 2009, and Irapuato plant, located in Guanajuato state, incorporated to the Company in mid-2020.

CMPC Biopackaging Mexico’s conversion equipment is mainly focused on cement and building materials industry, along with the production of miscellaneous packaging for complex markets such as food, chemical, and industrial products, among others.

With fast access and the efficient logistics network to export to the USA. CMPC Biopackaging Mexico has become a relevant supplier in the USA, helping different markets such as cement, building materials, minerals, food and chemicals, among others.

CMPC Biopackaging Mexico  also has an important platform to help clients in Central America by land or sea. 





CMPC Biopackaging PERÚ

CMPC Biopackaging Perú has progressed with the sustained growth of the Andean markets since its creation in 1997.

Today, CMPC Biopackaging Peru is the main supplier of multiwall paper bags in the Peruvian market thanks to the permanent rise and development of new technologies and abilities to answer the market needs. Forsac Peru is well known for its high quality, excellent performance, and customer service.

Located in an important industrial district in the city of Lima, only 30 minutes away from Puerto del Callao, CMPC Biopackaging Peru is an efficient player to answer supply needs in the main markets of South America and the Caribbean.






CMPC Biopackaging USA

CMPC Biopackaging USA started its operations in 2012 with the purpose of facilitating commercialization of its products in the USA.

All import operations are managed in the Atlanta office, along with product storage and distribution around the country, reason why it has a great logistics network in the USA's main sea ports.

CMPC Biopackaging USA has accomplished a large geographic presence all over the country, and it has helped us to be considered as a local supplier for most of its clients.


We operate our 8 industrial plants wit a high level of efficiency, looking for opportunities to constantly optimize the response times to our clients, ensuring our deliveries with te lowest production and logistics cost.



Sack Kraft Argentina

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Sack Kraft Chile

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Planta industrial Longitudinal Norte S/N Km. 3 Chillán, Chile.


Sack Kraft México

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Sack Kraft Perú

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Sack Kraft USA

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