Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social Responsibility is an essential part of the business model of Empresas CMPC, and Forsac, as an integral part of it, applies it in all its work. This is based on a balanced and long-term relationship with its workers, suppliers, service related companies and customers, as well as the neighboring communities and the environment.

Empresas CMPC carries out its business under the principle of sustainable development, looking for harmonization of the performance of its productive activities with the legitimate right of future generations to live in an adequate environment.


Sustainable supplier

CMPC obtains its papers mainly from its own forest plantations that are renewed within a period of less than one year after the harvest, to prevent soil damage.

In accordance with the Company's environmental policies, mainly all of these plantations are carried out on land that is in danger of erosion, with the purpose of reincorporating them into the production process, improving their quality.

Forest plantations comply with international standards, which ensures compliance with the essential elements and standards for environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.


Sustainable Containers

The Sack Kraft paper with which our packaging is produced is biodegradable. It is a substrate that, in good conditions of humidity, oxygen and temperature, can completely reintegrate into nature in a very short time.

In addition, Sack Kraft paper is recyclable and, as such, is respectful of the environment allowing an easy process of recovery of the bags already used to transform them into new paper products.

All these unique and beneficial properties for environmental care converting multiwall paper bags is the best choice as a sustainable package.

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