Our Packaging Solutions

Every one of our clients requires a particular and specific solution, a superior product through its packaging and we as specialists offer custom made product. The great diversity of markets we serve has led us to develop an efficient customer service that integrates all the processes needed for a guaranteed satisfaction.


Value added Packaging solutions

Every solution can be elaborated, starting from the most simple (focusing only on resistance, protection and cost of the package) to the most complex (that optimize the packaging processes, filling lines efficient and being highly resistant in distribution channels, or its supply chain processes, ensuring a more efficient use of working capital).

Going further in the value chain, we offer our clients a professional team to strenghten their products differenciation when their competitors by providing appealing designs and excellent printing quality.

Main markets served.

We serve a wide variety of markets, where the most relevant are: Cement, Building Products, Human Food, Chemical and Mineral Products, Agricultural Products, Animal and Pet Food and Industrial Products, among others.  

This diversity of markets has also led us to develop cutting-edge technology that helps the packaging process to be more efficient, faster, safer and more reliable, as well as to be very rigorous in protecting the product during the transportation and storage. This is how we can respond, as an integrated supplier, with the greatest efficiency on the entire production chain: from product development to delivery logistics, including storage, transportation and delivering a product in perfect conditions.


Types of packaging

Forsac produces a wide range of sacks and paper bags for different segments and uses, where the mainly three product lines are:

  • Multiwall paper sacks, for industrial packaging of great content, between 5 and 50 kg average capacity.
  • Square bottom bags for industrial packaging of small contents, between 0,5 to 5 Kg of capacity, oriented mainly for retail distribution.
  • Paper Bags for retail stores, oriented to carry merchandise from stores to home.
  • Spiral Paper Tubes and Cores, for paper or plastic films winding.

Valve Multiwall Sacks

Suitable for high volume filling systems that requires high packaging speed, minimizing product leakage and achieving a very stable and resistant palletization.


Open Mouth Sacks

Suitable for a wide range of filling systems of intermediate volume, manual or automatic, whose sealing is usually done by sewing or hot melt.


Sack Kraft Paper

The Sack Kraft paper used by Forsac in the production of bags is manufactured by Empresas CMPC, using 100% virgin fiber obtained from renewable forest plantations of Radiata Pine.


Open mouth sacks or bags that allow an excellent display. Its sealing is usually done by sewing or hot melt.

shopping bags

Open mouth sacks or bags generally has a square bottom and handles, for the transport of goods from stores to home.



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